E-Mail: hannahbrandes.studio@gmail.com

Hannah Brandes is a fine art photographer with a passion for fashion and documentary photography. She lives in Berlin but was born in Stockholm, Sweden.

After studying fine arts in her early teenage years, she moved to Berlin to study a bachelors degree in fine art photography. She developed, during her studies, a natural sense of aesthetics using natural light as her main source of representing her subjects. Her photographs are strongly inspired by avant-garde paintings, in both perspectives and geometrics. Often, placing a human subject as the core of the photograph and the surrounding representing the feelings of the subject.

She experiments with both analog and digital photography and brings a touch of collage and illustration to some of the photographs.


Group Exhibition 
Nothing burns like the cold/ 23 October 2020. (EMOP)
Dessauer Str. 3-5, 10963 Berlin

Group Exhibition
Framing Home / 17 Sep - 1 Oct 2020.
Bulbul Remise Cafe bar, Skalitzer Strasse 114 Berlin, Germany

Group Exhibition
False Front / 19 Oct 2018.
GlogauAir gallery, Glogauerstr 16 Berlin, Germany


ViewPoint Colour N.8 / Sep 2020
Image (Collaboration with Aniela Fidler)

Dezeen / Jun 2020
Article: Aniela Fidler envisions shop where sentimental objects are transformed into diamonds. (Images)

SLEEK Magazine / 18 Oct 2018
Isaac Moss